TTI Project:
The research of perfection


RESEARCH OF PERFECTION is imposed by our society, who wants to be better and faster and more and more successful. As long as it’s all right, consider the normal thing, that is, the norm.

But once that’s wrong, it gets worse, it becomes what you can not always trust.

9 successes and 1 failure, and decides the failure.

But then look at God, or evolution, or chance, call it as you want: plants, flowers, animals, amazing forms of life, microclimate, habitats, biomes, bees making honey, ants that have the organization Social complexity of the world … and then, the human being. What should we say about God, the evolution of the case? Which is the worst, which is one that you can not always trust because it has created the Origin Man of all follies? What then, then, can you always trust …

Not to mention people with different abilities, reiette, leave to their parents until they die and then boh. Today, last day of work away from home, I watched a couple of elderly people pushing their paraplegic daughter on the wheelchair. The mother will have been seventy, the father also some more. An immense dignity in overcoming the rise under the weight of that daughter that society considers little or nothing, why? Because it does not produce, it is not efficient.

I felt a great sadness beyond what I already had for other thoughts.

How to teach to the future generations that the Perfection doesn’t exist?

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