Who explains and talks means he loves.


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I always say to the kids and the children I try to help, to hear who tells them things, and not to be afraid of those who say, but of those who do not say.

Because, I’ll add, if a person tells you something, whether it’s your daddy, mom, or a friend, and he says it with goodness, it means he loves you, that he’s interested to your wellness.

Those who say nothing, instead, are telling you: for you, I do not care.

Sometimes what is being said is uncomfortable, in the eyes of our children, of our kids, because, perhaps, it emphasizes the mistakes.

But I always say to them: be afraid of who does not tell you anything, in life, and not of those who tell you things.

Be afraid of who does not tell you anything in life, because it means you do not care anything about you.

To the teachers I mean, they can be the first interlocutors of children and teenagers, our future insurance. And I mean to make sure to say things with love.

Teachers should always imagine talking to their own son, and if they did not have to imagine how their parents would have liked to have talked to them.

The tone of the voice may depend on the success or failure of the educational intervention. And success or failure can depend on a good or bitter memory.

I have the bitter memories of my elementary school teacher, and by and large I realized she was a very frustrated and disgruntled woman of what she was doing. But then, I always wondered why did not he ever change his job? Mysteries of the Universe …

Dear teachers, you say things, but with love, with sweetness: don’t be the people whose children and children are afraid of, either because they say it or because they do not say.

Simone Stabilini

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