Giona delle stelle cadenti

A Simone Stabilini’s ebook

A country of lonely people who have forgotten their humanity and lead a life built on suspicion and rejection of what does not adhere to the strange. A ten-year-old boy named Jonah, born in the night of falling stars, who lives alone in a wooden house on the hill. The whole country looks at Jonah as being distant, dangerous, almost demonic, but the only “fault” of the baby – if so can be called – is to have learned to be enough. And then, after all, Mattia, another child identical to him, who will be the only one to challenge the voices and go, in a cold night, on the hill, to know Jonah, supported by his mother and two unsuspecting inhabitants Of the tired country of a humanly unacceptable situation. A complex friendship between two special children, a country that reflects today’s society, who is afraid of what he does not know but often does nothing to know better, and an epilogue that will mark a tragic yet new beginning.

> Available at 2.99 euros on all online platforms: Amazon, BookRepublic and many more.

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