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All about TTI Project We live in a society we do not like, in a world that does not please us, and we do not know where to start to change them.

I have worked for dozens of schools, known to thousands and thousands of kids and kids, and I have found them among the best interlocutors I have ever had the honor of being able to speak.

So I thought: Let’s start from them …

On the other hand, younger generations are the future, we are just the present. Or maybe, we are already the past and we do not even notice it …

TTI Program is a set of techniques and themes, discussions and design paths to evolve, sewn with multiple hands with teachers, researchers, parents, but also telephone operators, bakers, bakers, mechanics, ecologists, doctors, musicians, street artists, to set up the Society of the Future which, let us not forget, will be the Society that will cure us when we will be old, who will greet us when we die and who will promise us – I hope so – to remember our teachings.

Teaching The Improvement – Teaching Improvement. It is not only a possibility: it is a duty.

Simone Stabilini, founder of TTI Program, innovative innovator and overarching habits.

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